Curry leaves lemonade | Curry leaves cooler

Curry leaves lemonade | Curry leaves cooler

Curry leaves lemonade | Curry leaves cooler |Curry leaves drink recipe| Curry leaves summer cooler| Kadi patta recipes


Curry leaves lemonade | Curry leaves cooler stands true to its name. While sipping on it every one from my family just murmured …….oh so Lemony, is it made with curryleaves really?

Tangy taste of lemons & goodness of curryleaves, I am sure this combination of drink, is sure to leave you all feeling refreshed.

Curry leaves are generally used for only tempering the dishes. There is much more than that to this wonderful curry leaves/kadi patta.

Many South Indian style recipes are incomplete without this wonderful shrub. I love curry leaves chutney the most, known for the fact it’s so good for heath.

One of my south indian friend suggested that I should use homemade hair oil using curry leaves that is very effective for growth and health of hair.

I have planted this small curry leaves tree in my kitchen garden. It’s so easy to grow and the sweet smell of curry leaves is so enticing. For me it’s so convenient, I just pluck it fresh whenever I want.


Curry leaves tree from my kitchen garden


According to Wikipedia kadi patta/ Curryleaves is packed with numerous nutrients that are actually good for you.

Right from helping your heart to function in a better way to enlivening your hair and skin with vitality, it is loaded with health benefits.


Let’s get ready to make a delicious drink Oh So Lemony & Curryleaves Drink from humble curry leaves.

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Preparation time : 5 minutes
Cooking time : 5 minutes

Five to six curryleaves

Four to five fresh lime wedges

Lime juice around 3-4 spoons

Sugar syrup 2-3 tbsp or to your taste/ Honey
(Sugar syrup i make beforehand and store in glass bottle for further use)

Chilled water as required

Ice cubes as required

Method: –

-Chop the curryleaves. Add freshly-cut lime wedges.
-Transfer these ingredients to the shaker and add lime juice and sugar syrup/ honey.

-Add lots of Ice cubes into shaker. Shake vigorously. Now transfer this into glass & remove lime wedges.

Enjoy this refreshing Drink.

Happy cooking

Regards ❤️


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  1. Priya Suresh

    Oh wow, such an excellent thirsty quencher, adding curry leaves sounds quite unique.. Fabulous drink there.

  2. Vidya Narayan

    Loved the combination of lemon and curry leaves. An absolute must now, after all the festivals are over and the body needs a break.

    1. Lata Lala

      You are right Vidya. The combination is tounge tantalizing. Thank you.

  3. Mayuri Patel

    This is a must try recipe. I’ve had lemon drink with mint but never with curry leaves. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. Lata Lala

      Please do try this with curry leaves once. Thank you Mayuri.

  4. Jolly

    Loved the combination of lemon and curry leaves. Absolutely unique and very much refreshing. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Pavani

    Love the combination of lemon and curry leaves . Very innovative and refershing drink.

  6. Lathiya

    Wow what an interesting addition of curry leaves to a lemon drink…sounds awesome…am trying to include curry leaves in whatever way I could…this looks perfect

    1. Lata Lala

      This is a perfect drink for curry leaves lovers Lathiya. Thanks dear

  7. Meghna

    This is a must try subtle drink I must say. Refreshing and healthy and very innovative.

    1. Lata Lala

      True that Meghna. Thanks for writing in.

  8. Uma Srinivas

    Never had this before. Quite interesting drink! Looka refreshing 🙂

  9. Freda

    That’s a soothing and delicious combination! Must taste amazing 🙂

    1. Lata Lala

      It’s a perfect summer drink with goodness of curry leaves Freda. Thanks dear.

  10. Jagruti Dhanecha

    What? Drink with a curry leaves? wow, kudos to you. This sounds so delicious, I must try soon 🙂

    1. Lata Lala

      Yup curry leaves in the drink. Please do try this Jagruti.
      Thanks ❤️

  11. Padma Veeranki

    I never thought of including curry leaves in my drink…must be so refreshing…Got to try it out…Fab drink!!

  12. Sujata Roy

    So unique and refreshing drink. Lemon and curry leaves are a great combo. Perfect drink after these festive season. Awesome share.

    1. Lata Lala

      Absolutely true Sujata ji. Thanks ❤️

  13. Jayashree

    Now, I need to try this one, had never thought of adding curry leaves in a drink. Refreshing!

  14. Ruchi

    Lemon and curry leaves , a deadly combination. So refreshing and delicious , also a perfect option to quench your thirst

  15. Priya srinivasan

    Wow quite an interesting drink dear ! I bet the aroma of curry leaves must be enticing in the drink! Would love to try this soon!

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