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Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle


Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle made in traditional Sindhi style with step by step recipe and pictorial presentation.

Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle, a unique Sindhi Delicacy

Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle is a traditional Sindhi style pickle. It is prepared using grated raw green mango and clove of garlic, with few other handful of spices and ingridients.

Nostalgia and Pickle

This Sindhi style pickle reminds me of my childhood days. My Grandmom used to make it the best.

From assembling ingredients, cutting, chopping and till it was made, and how my Naana ji used to bring bagful of raw mangoes, it was such an exciting journey during our summer vacations.

And when we all cousins used to sit for lunch together, and served thali consisting potli wala achaar, and how Grandma used to unfold that potli, we all used to look forward to eat pickle more than anything else.

Its sweet, sour, tangy,  just yummm. Make it at home to relish it with any meal.

10 minutes quick pickled Jalapenos, and Zero oil Carrot pickle are 2 very interesting and easy homemade pickle recipes from my pickle collection.

Preparation time : 20 minutes
Cooking time : 10 days

Serves : 10 potlis

Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle



Raw mangoes 6 -8
Mustard oil 1/4 cup
Kalonji /onion seeds 10 tsp
Fennel seeds 4 tbsp
Crushed fenugreek seeds powder 2 tsp
Turmeric powder 2 tsps
Red chilli powder 1 tbsp
Asafoetida 1/2 tsp
Jaggery or sugar 1-2 tsps
Salt to taste
Garlic pods lightly crushed or whole around 25 (one for each potli)
Vinegar 1+1/2 tsp
Boiled and cooled water, 2 cups or  more (or as per the capacity of the jar )
Soft Muslin cloth cut into 6″ x 6″ squares.


Wash the raw mangoes and wipe them dry with a kitchen cloth.
Peel and grate the mangoes. Keep it aside.

Boil the water and cool it to be filled in the jar later on.

Heat the mustard oil to smoking point and switch the flame off. Cool it.

Divide this mustard oil in equal measure in 2 separate bowls. Use 1 measure for mango mixture and another for making solution for preservation of pickle.

Mix all the ingredients mentioned in the list for pickle except garlic. Also mix one measure of mustard oil.

In sterilised glass jar take boiled and cooled water and add the vinegar, remaining measure of mustard oil. This would act as a preservative.

Now take a piece of muslin cloth and spoon a portion of the grated mango mix that you have prepared.
Place one pod of garlic either whole or lightly crushed in the center.

Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle

Tie the bundles by bringing the corners together or use a thread. Do not make a tight bundle.

Immerse these bundles into the glass jar and cover the lid.


Potli wala Achaar | Sindhi Potli wala Pickle


Keep in sunlight for 10 to 15 days to mature.

When serving just remove one Potli/ bundle, open it and unfold the magic of traditonal Sindhi style pickle, with some hot Dal Rice and sukhi sabzi.

Happy cooking

Regards ❤️

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  1. amrita

    I have never heard about this but I find it very interesting… thanks for sharing

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    Absolutely new idea. Sounds so tempting. I am a fan of pickles… Surely will give it a try

  3. Geetha Priyanka

    This recipe sounds interesting and delicious. Best part is it doesn’t require much time to make these.

  4. Lathiya

    Never heard of this potli achaar…looks interesting…it’s awesome to know how our grandma generation have such interesting recipes…glad that you made it record

  5. Mayuri Patel

    This method of making achaar is new to me..I remember my mum tying the jars with a cloth on top. Its always great to learn about heirloom recipes from fellow bloggers.

    1. Lata Lala

      Thank you Mayuri. True we learn a lot from each other.

  6. Priya Suresh

    Completely a new style of making achaar,seriously a great share and how incredible to learn these sort of family recipes from bloggers like u.. Thanks sharing your Nani recipe with us.

  7. Sujata Roy

    Never heard of potli achar. Thanks for sharing. Taste must be fingerlicking. Loved the idea of keeping a garlic clove in the potli. Awesome share.

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    Wow!! Sounds and looks very interesting! Such a unique way to make and enjoy pickles! Awesome!

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    That’s so smart. I love some of these old ideas sans all that plastic nonsense.the pickle actually makes me drool.

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    Potluck Wala achar is new to me but it sounds so interesting.. loved the idea of tying in cloth bundles.. grated mango with garlic love these flavours!!

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    Totally new but interesting concept of making achar! It looks mouthwatering, yum!

  13. Nisha Ramesh

    Thats so cute and of course I haven’t heard about this. Which region in India is this from ?

    1. Lata Lala

      Thank you Nisha. This is speciality of us, Sindhi’s.

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    This is something new, but sounds so delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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    Potali wala achar totally a new recipe for me, wonder why in potli? Looks so delicious though!

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    Recipe sounds very interesting .potli looks so cute and delicious.Thanks for introducing to the new recipe.

    1. Lata Lala

      My pleasure Pavani. This recipe is from my treasure trove.

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    Looks wonderful

    1. Lata Lala

      Thank you Vishhal for writing in. Glad to hear that you liked it.

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