Aam Panna/Raw green mango drink Popsicles
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Aam Panna/Raw green mango drink Popsicles is a fun & delicious summer treat. The raw mango/kachi kairi is treasured for its nutritional value.
Recipe type: Summer drinks
Cuisine: Indian fusion
Serves: 3
  • Pulp of 2 medium sized raw Mangoes
  • Jaggery as per taste
  • Roasted Cumin powder 1 tsp
  • ¼th tsp of Salt
  • Mint leaves few
  • Pomegranate pearls quarter cup
  • Popsicles moulds 3
  1. For making Aam Panna, pressure cook the kachi Kairi /raw mangoes with the skin on with minimal water upto 3-4 whistles.
  2. Once that done remove the skin which should come off easily and remove the seed.
  3. Reserve the water in which you have boiled the raw mangoes.
  4. Rest the liquid untill it’s cooled down.
  5. Take a mixer and pour all the ingredients(mango pulp, jaggery, roasted cumin powder,salt,mint leaves) into the jar and give it a blend.
  6. Aam Panna / raw green mango drink is ready.Keep the consistency of aam panna thick and not runny as we need to make popsicles from it.
  7. Now take the popsicle moulds and fill the bottom with pomegranate pearls and mint leaves.
  8. Then pour in the concentrated aam panna till the brim of the moulds
  9. Refrigerate it atleast for 6 hours(into the freezer) or overnight.
  10. To unmould popaicles easily, run them under tap water for few seconds.
  11. Serve it chilled.
  12. Enjoy….
  13. My Tip:
  14. Adjust sweetness of the pulp according to tartness of the raw mangoes
Recipe by Yummy Tales Of Tummy at https://yummytalesoftummy.com/aam-panna-popsicles/